L2 Visa process for wife currently on F1 and in USA

Hi there,

I am currently in the US on an L1A Blanket Visa working for Company A.

My wife is also working in the US on a F1 OPT work authorization which is valid till Jan 03,2018. She works for Company B.

My wife’s company filed H1B for her in the 2017 Filing cycle but its been stuck in RFE so we are very anxious and are looking for options.

I am looking for some guidance on below queries:

  1. Since I am on L1A visa, can my wife get an L2 Visa and continue living in the US?

  2. What is the typical timeline and process for L2 Visa if the individual in already in the US on a F1 Visa?

  3. Since I am on a L1A Blanket Visa, can my wife go directly for L2 Stamping in Canada and fasten the process?

  4. Do I have to go with my wife for the L2 interview or is it just my wife that needs to go for the interview?

  5. After L2 Visa stamping, how soon can she get the L2 EAD and get back to work. As I mentioned, her current F1 OPT work authorization ends in January 03,2018 so we are looking for options where she can continue working post January.

I apologize for the long list of queries. Any help or guidance will be truly appreciated.