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My visa interview is on July 27th for L2 Visa at Hyderabad. I am currently working and have a baby of 15 months old. My husband left to U.S. last year and we (daughter and myself) are planning to go by November or December. Travel date is not yet decided.

Could any of you share your experiences about the L2 visa interview and also help me answering in a better way for the following questions

1)Why do you need a visa to U.S.

2)Why did you not attend the visa interview with your husband

3)Are you planning to quit your job

4)Are you planning to work in USA/What are you planning to do in the US

Hi Shiny,

Congrats on getting the L1 to your husband.

  1. You should always tell the truth while you are attending visa interviews. That said, you should tell that your husband is currently working with in and that you would like to join him with your daughter.

  2. You can give a reason such as you did not want to travel with your new born baby back then. Now you would like join your husband.

  3. Yes if you are planning to quit before joining. I would say yes to make it clear that your intention is only to join your husband and not working.

  4. No because you would like to concentrate on taking care of your baby for now to be on safer side.

Good Luck with the interview!

Thanks and Regards


Thankyou very much Rahul for the vivid replies.

Could you answer for the below as well…

1)What will you do after your visa expires.
Can simply say will return to India ans stay back?

2)How will you utilize your educational qualifications

  1. Yes return to India.
  2. I am planning to take a break professionally and take care of my toddler.

Thankyou Rahul for the timely help!!

I got the visa approved:)
Many thanks for the help!!!

VO asked me the below questions:

  1. When did you get married
    2)How old is your baby
    3)Where your husband works
    4)When did he travel to U.S
    5)Why didn’t you travel then and why now
    6)What kind of work husband does

That’s it…
After few minutes, she told your visa is approved :slight_smile:

Glad to have helped a little!
Enjoy your time in the US.

Hi Shiny,

I need your help L2 visa supporting documents, may i know what are the list of documents need to show.


Hi Muheeb,

You need to carry the below mentioned documents. They may ask you for any of the below documents …

Documents on the first day:

  1. Original Passport(Old and New)
  2. Ds 160 confirmation page
  3. Appointment Confirmation page

Documents on Day of Interview:

  1. Original Passport(New and Old if any)
  2. Ds 160 confirmation page
  3. Appointment Confirmation page
  4. Employment reference letter
  5. Bank Statement
  6. Pay slips-6 months
  7. Form-16
  8. Wedding card
  9. Marriage certificate
  10. Wedding Photos-5
  11. Property documents - if any
  12. Child Birth Certificate

From USA-Spouse:-

  1. Passport and Visa copy
  2. I-797 copy and I-129
  3. Employment Reference letter
  4. Tax returns
  5. Bank Statement
  6. Payslips
  7. Utility Bill

Warm Regards,


Thank you so much for your quick response,

May I know:-

  1. Employment reference letter : My current company offer letter is it fine ?
  2. for payslips 3 months are enough or need to take 6 months.

Thank you…!

It’s my pleasure :blush:
Current company offer letter will do …if you have switched companies then better to keep previous one’s for safe side …

Payslips of 6 months are required …

They dint ask me to show all these but cannot predict how it goes on with others…

When is your interview ?


Tomorrow is my interview::slightly_smiling_face:

Best wishes for the interview!!!

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@shiny_justin, thanks for sharing the list. Can you add little more details on the questions asked, how it went, prep, etc and share with the community ? We have less L2 experiences, will help community a lot. Please share in User Experiences Section

Also, @muheeb_shaik, please do share your experience there as well, once done.

Hi Shiny,

Thanks for your help…!
I got the visa approved…!
No supporting documents they were asked, ask me to show only my marriage certificate and album and asked few questions :slight_smile:
where are u staying in US
spouse salary in US
purpose of visit and how many days
Thats it…!
Thank you…!

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Very Happy for you …
Congratulations !!!

Awesome Congrats @muheeb_shaik , Please share your experience on the User Experiences section for community benefit.

Hi Rahul

I have certain visa queries for L2 visa. In my case, I am the primary L1 applicant and my husband and my 3 years child would apply for L2 visa. In my case, we will be applying for visa together.

Could any of you share your experiences about the L2 visa interview and also help me answering in a better way for the following questions

1)Why do you need a visa to U.S.

2)Are you planning to quit your job

  1. Are you planning to work in USA/What are you planning to do in the US

  2. What will you do when your visa expires?

We are not sure about his plans of working in US. so can we say not sure as of now for are you planning to work in US or simply say no.

Would appreciate your inputs.


Hi Shiny,

can you please elaborate on what needs to be shared in property documents?
Can we showcase our home loan documents?? in the same category.


My husband is in US and recently got his L1a extension approved in july 2021.I was in US till 2019 on L1a and didnot apply for an L2 when my husband l1 got approved in 2018 jan.I will be attending the interview in couple of days for getting L2 visa first time

Can you help me answer these questions

Why didnt i apply for L2 earlier with husband?
What is your plans after going to US

Appreciate your help!