L2 Visa help needed for(male) - URGENT!?


I am working in a leading Investment bank as a software engineer(6 yrs exp), my wife got L1 visa and she has flown to California couple of months ago. I have my L2 interview scheduled next week. Can you please help in case following questions are asked in my interview?

  • How long will you stay in US?

(Should I say that I am going for couple of months and will be back,? won’t they tell me that you should go for tourist visa then OR I am going to stay with my wife and will work after getting EAD - Is this an appropriate answer?)

  • What will you do in US?(

(As I am a Master degree holder and currently working in reputed firm based in US, what should be my answer?)

-How will you utilize your educational qualification?

Please help me as I am really confuse on how to answer these questions.

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

  1. Say you plan to stay until wife’s L-1 employment ends. Use wife’s I-129 date as end date

  2. Stay at home as you cannot work on L-1 (until you get the EAD)

  3. This is usually not asked.

Hi Saurabh,
Thank you very much for your valuable time and getting back on this !!

One more point I want to reiterate from above question is…If I say as of now I am going on a break for 2-3 months, can they say then you should have apply for tourist visa and reject L2 application?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Your spouse is in US on L-1, so L-2 is the appropriate visa if you want to join the spouse. You are going there as a family member and not for tourism purposes.