L2 visa for working Husband


My wife is appearing for L1a visa next week. Along with her I and my kids are going for L2 visa interview.
At present I work for an European MNC. I may either take a break from my company and stay with my wife for sometime and return back or if I get a good jod in USA with L2-EAD, I may continue staying there. My questions are below:

  1. Is there any issue in L2 visa for working husbands?
  2. What are the possible questions to L2 applicant if he is already working?
  3. Should I tell that I am taking just a break and undecided about my stay in USA or tell that I may find a job in USA and start working?
  4. Will there be any “No Objection certificate” or something similar from my employer has to be produced during Visa interview? (I don’t want my current employer to know about my plans)

Kindly reply to the questions above.

Thanks for your time!!

Warm regards,

Ans1. No. But you must procure an EAD from USCIS before you start working.

Ans2. Mostly general ones- How long will you be staying? When were you married, show the marriage certificate? How many people attended your wedding, show wedding album? Where are you currently employed, how long, what do you do for them?

Ans3. Say that you will be taking a break to spend time with wife and be back, dont mention your prospects for looking job with L2 visa yet.

Ans4. Not an NOC but i guess some sort of leave letter stating that you are employed with them and they have granted you leave to visit US for ‘xyz’ reason.