L2 visa but now H1b approved withdrawn back to L2 - EAD


I 'am on L2 visa and have EAD (I -94 expiry - May 2014). Recently I got my H1b approved. 3 Oct 2013.

Does my L2 visa is still vaild and only my EAD is changed to H1b.

If I did not get project in next one month till Oct 2013 end and my H1b is withdrawn. Does I have to reapply for EAD.

After the withdrawal of H1b if I get a project say in Nov or Dec 2013. can the new employer can file for the cap-exempt H1b for me. Can it be done throughout the year anytime and will it be vaild till next 6 years.

Sorry for asking too many questions. But please do let me know.