L2 to H4 status change processing


My employer has applied for change of my visa status from L1 to h1 this year and it is still in processing. I also have my wife with me in US. I did not apply for her along with my application due to a different reason. But, when i asked for filling change of status for my wife, my employer says that change for H4 processing doesnt take more than 2 weeks and i doesn’t need to worry.

Can someone please provide the duration details in this scenario ?

She is doing a part time job on L2 EAD, would that be of any concern ?

Would really appreciate your help.



When your H-1 gets approved, you will no longer be on L-1 and her L-2 will cease to exist from that date.

The earliest start date for your H-1 is Oct 1. COS processing takes 2-3 months and not 2 weeks.

I don’t see why the employer is not ready to file the COS for her now instead of waiting. Let’s say your H-1 gets approved on Oct 3, when will they apply COS for her as she will stop being in L-2 status from Oct 3.


Thanks for your time and really appreciate your help.
I’m checking with my employer.

Thanks once again

  • Bharat