L2 to h4 depedent stamping is required

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for your previous reply.

Currently I am in US on L1 and my company also got the approved H1 for me with NO COS. Now my company is asking me to go to India for stamping. now my questions are

1.) Do I need to travel with my dependents for this stamping as currently they are on L2 and wanted to change there status also to H4. or Is there any way to apply for COS from US after I come back to USA on stamped H1 ?

2.) and also please tell me this is legal or not if I apply for COS after come back to USA. because I think once my H1 get stamped no longer my L1 is valid and no longer there L2 is valid.

Thanks in Advance.



You should leave w/ your dependents and they should go for H-4 visa stamping. If the intent is to return to US on H-1 visa, then the dependets should leave w/ you. All dependent visas are for family reunion, and if the primary applicant wants to abandon a visa status (in this case L-1), then it is not correct for dependents to continue using the corresponding dependent visa (in this case L-2).

Does that clarify?