L2 to H1B Visa


Can anyone please provide some information on COS from L2 to H1B

I have both L2 and H1B stamped valid visa.

I came to US on L2 with my Husband, I have applied for EAD now and looking for a Job

Can you please share some info, how to do the COS from L2 to H1B.

  1. Is pay slips are must to transfer from L2 to H1B when I am in US.

  2. If I get a job on L2-EAD and the pay slips which I will get from my L2-EAD employer will help to transfer from L2 to H1B

Please let me know


First of all why do you want to move to H1 while you had L2-EAD? Any issue with losing L1 of your spouse?

If not, L2-EAD is more flexible than H1