L2 to F1 docs required by USCIS

Hi, My spouse is on L2 visa which will expire on 30th June 2013 and she is not working. She is applying for COS to F1 visa. My spouse has joint account in Bank and we have sufficient funds to show to USCIS. In this case does she need to show me as sponsor as she is not working? or is it ok to just show the bank statment with her name on the statement. Also she will be showing the letter from the bank showing funds with her name on the letter. Please advise? Thanks, Yash

It is ok to show funds in the account at the time of application. It is not required to submit payslips for this purpose. But you should check w/ others who have gone through it personally.

Having said that, she also needs to show that she is in valid L-2 status, which means she needs to show that L-1 holder is in status. This means submission of your employment details and payslips/W-2 etc.