L2 spouse expected mother travel india and return back to usa with kid

Hi , Need some help

My Wife is on L2 Visa valid till Nov-2015 , as she is pregnant now she is travelling back to India . I  plan to bring my wife and kid after an year but i have few queries,


1. Should we apply for new passport and get visa stamped for my kid if so what type of VISA?


2. My wife does not have my name ( SPOUSE NAME ) added in her current passport ,If this is the case does she need to get the visa stamping again with the new passport after getting the spouse name added in order to travel back to US with my kid?


3. One more query on EAD,I have applied EAD for my wife with current passport and i-94.Can my wife continue to work with the same EAD after returning back to US after an year.


Thank you so much  for your help
  1. Yes, the kid needs the passport and visa if the child is born outside US. L-2 visa is required (same as wife as both of them are your dependents)

  2. Not required to get another visa stamp w/ passport amendment. In other words, it is not mandatory to have each others’ name mentioned in the passports.

  3. Only if it remains valid. If the EAD expires (its expiration date is usually same as I-94) then she will have to file for EAD extension based on her new I-94 which she receives when returning to US.

I thought it is mandatory to get the spouse name added in Passport when applying for the kid passport ? Is it not true ?

My response was related to the H-4 visa. I am not aware of the Indian passport requirements for the kid.

I don’t see that requirement in this list: http://passport.gov.in/cpv/checklist.htm

Do you?