L2 name error last name is not typed in receipt notice-urgent!!!!!!!!

My husband employer submitted L1/L2 extension on Aug 29 2012,we received receipt notice today .In L2 extension my name is interchanged ,Last name is given as middle name the last name is typed as no name given.Today called USCIS customer care,requested for name change the request is submitted .They said status will be updated in 15 days .Meanwhile my H1b is went to RFE for L1/L2 receipt notice .

My question are,
Shall i submit my current receipt notice as H1b evidence ?
Am i need to provide any other document as evidence?
What action i need to take now?

Thanks in Advance,

Your name is printed worngly in your L2 current version right. Please wait until it is corrected and then submitt it for H1B. Hope you will have enough time to respond for your H1B RFE.