L2 - I539 Extension of Stay - Work - I94 - EAD

I am currently on L2 visa/I94 expiring 11/26/2022, L2 EAD 11/24/2022
I539 L2 Extension of Stay - Under process almost 70 days - actual processing time 8.5 months.
Also applied for I765 extension along with I539 (I94 with L2S EAD not required but still attorney requested to apply).
Spouse L1 I129 approved from 11/27/2022 to 11/26/2024.

Is it possible to use Automatic 180 day EAD extension in this case after 11/26/2022 when I94 expires ?
Is it possible to use Automatic revalidation before 11/26/2022 by traveling to Mexico and reentering back and requesting to provide I94 with Spouse newly approved visa validity ?
If travel to Mexico and return back is an option to get latest I94 with 11/26/2024 as expiry, while I539 under process travel to Mexico and reenter US would it cause the USCIS to abandon the I539 under process ?

Expedite request denied - financial loss for company and self.
Consulate visa appointments for dropbox/in-person are not easy to book. Basically trying to figure out potential solutions for uninterrupted eligibility to work in US.