L2 I-94 extention though visa is expired.


I am on L1 and have got I-94 (visa getting expired soon) till next year end, my wife went on vacation and while coming back she got I-94 until visa expiry date. Since I am not renewing my visa as I have I-94, so I wanted to renew my wife I-94.

My question, will I renew her I-94?will she get same I-94 date as what I have got? or is there any possibility that she will not get extended I-94 and need to go back to India?

please could you let me know on this…

Thanks for your help…

Hi Shaan,

Given I-94 and Visa, always the lowest date takes the precedence. In this case both you and your wife visa expires at the same date. You cannot work beyond that lower date. If your I-94 bears a lower date than your L1 visa expiry date, then you can go out of the country and re-enter.

In your case the only option is to apply for L1 extension or leave the country.