L2-extension will be expiring within next 20 days,


I am on l2-ead,and applied for my l2 extension in month of december 2013,Its been over 90 days but my extension case status is still in initial review status.And I can not apply for my EAD without Extension approval,Can I apply for interim EAD against my case?

I would be great help if you could suggest me any way…

Thanks in advance

What is the USCIS site showing as L-2 processing time for your service center? If the delay is more than the average processing time, then maybe call USCIS and follow-up on the case.

Thanks for the reply Saurabh,

I am following with USCIS from last 1 month,I raise expedite request,but it is rejected.
What should I do next from my side?

Once it has been 2-3 weeks since you last contacted them, call them again to follow-up.

What’s the processing time shown for your processing center on USCIS site?

2.5 months average processing time.
Still it been 3.5 months I still in initial review.

You can again follow-up in few weeks to see if it gets any traction.