L2 EAD to H1B as COS or Consular processing

Hi Kumar,

I am on L2 EAD valid till next year and working for employer A.My H1B is being filed by different employer B as change of status.below are questions

1.If this get approved after October do you get some time to join new employer or on the very same day I have to resign from employer a and have to join B.
2.If this gets approved after October and this different employer B closes the position will I be able to file cos of status immediately back to L2 without being on out of status.
3.If I am able to file change of status to L2 again will I be able to start work on previous approved L2 EAD based on cos amendment receipt.
4.If I ask this different employer B to file it as consular processing.Will I be able to file an amendment (after approval received for consular processing) at later stage to change of status without going outside usa.

If you file it as COS, then you need to join on Oct 1st. Yes, your end date with previous company should be sep 30th.

You should know this ahead of time and ask employer B to withdraw before the start date to avoid issues, otherwise, you need to exit and re-enter.

No, you need approval as would have now been on H1B automatically…

Yes, you maybe able to do it. Discuss with attorney and plan it out.