L2 EAD question


My spouse is on L1B and her organization is willing to do her L1A. Below are the dates


L1B validity

Date :- 28/Aug/2018

I94 :- 28/Aug/2018

I94 :- 28/Aug/2018

My L2 EAD validity :- Date :- 28/Aug/2019 :- Please note this is not a typo but the EAD is till 28/Aug/2019.

  1. During the process of L1B to L1A conversion of my spouse will I have to go through the renewal process for my EAD if the L1A visa goes through.

  2. Will it take the same 90 period for the renewal process?

  3. Can I continue on the existing EAD even after the L1A conversion or would I have to renew it?

Thanks a lot for your help!

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Iam still looking for an answer. Can someone please answer to this query?