L2 EAD Extension , though not working now.

Hi Saurabh,

[b]My L1B visa and I-94 validity as below
Visa expiry : JAN 2013
I-94 expiry : OCT 2014[/b]

[b]As my I-94 is valid till OCT 2014, I know i can continue working on I-94 without applying for L1-B extension.[/b]

[b]Spouse L2 Visa; I-94 & EAD:[/b]

[b]VISA expiry : JAN 2013
I-94 expiry : JAN 2013
EAD expiry : JAN 2013[/b]

[b]As my spouse has I-94 valid till JAN 2013. I have applied for her I-94 extension.[/b]

[b]I think her I-94 will get extened till my I-94 Validity(OCT 2014), If her I-94 gets extended, Can we apply for EAD extension based on I-94. [/b]

[b] Will there be any chances of EAD getting denied, as she is not working now. She is planning to start working from NOV 2012.[/b]


Looks like you didn't see my answer earlier or you didn't trust my answer.  See the below link for the attrontey's comments.  If your VISA is expired, you CANNOT work on I-94 alone without filing for extention.