L2 EAD Extension_Need help_Urgent


I have a query regarding my L2 EAD extension.

Recently our(My husband and mine) L1 and L2 visas are renewed and new I-94 is generated.

My previous EAD is valid till 7-April-2016.

I have to visit India out of certain circumstances suddenly in couple of days.

It would be great if anyone help clearing my doubts:

1)Is it ok If I apply EAD renewal asap before expiration of my last EAD and leave to India.

2)Will there be any challenges if I apply EAD here,say today and while it is under process I am in India and come back to USA in one month from now.

Awaiting earliest reply to take decision.


Hi Lalita,

It is not a problem. You can apply for EAD extension any time but the new document will have dates that are current when received and not based on expiry of previous document. For example if I request renewal of an EAD with expiration November 2016 today, the new card will have an expiration date of 3/27/2018 and not 11/27/2018. In your case it will match dates correctly. EAD is not a travel document, you can travel freely after applying but it is a good idea to have someone receive and monitor mail in case additional documents are requested.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, hopehumanityATgmailDOTcom

Thanks alot for your prompt response Sandeep.