L2 EAD - can i work or not?

Hi All,

There is so much confusion related to Form i94 issued by USICS in approval notice and Form i94 issued at port of entry.

So question is that am i eligible to work as i have following things with me ?

  1. L2 extension done till May 2024. Got USICS Approval notice with L2S code
  2. EAD expired on May 14’2022
  3. EAD extension filed before May14’2022. Got the receipt notice.
  4. Port of Entry i94 expired on May 14’2022 but has L2S code on it

Please suggest


Your new L2 extension and related I-94 will supercede the I-94 issued at POE.

So i am allowed to work with pending EAD renewal for 540 days now?

L2 dont even need EAD anymore. Your I-94s attached to the I-797 approval notice is enough proof that L2 is authorized to work. One shouldn’t be applying for L2 EAD anymore and waste $$$.