L2 - EAD Application- Ways check what is going on?


I applied for my L2-EAD online on March 26th 2013 and I received the receipt of my application on 28th March 2013. It is 40 days since then and there has been no activity on my case. Till now, I havent received any letter of appoinment for biometrics. The online status shows my case as “Initial Review”.

Is there any other way to find out what is happening with my case? Shouldnt I have got the appointment for biometrics attleast by now?



You can call USCIS at 1-800-375-5283. My friend got his wife’s EAD status check by calling them.

Thank you for the number. Called USCIS and they are working on the case and will soon get a bio-metrics appointment.

Thanks again.