L2-EAD application queries


I got my L2 visa stamped on 25th Feb 2021 and I have never traveled to USA. I am currently working in my home country India. The next step is to apply for L2 EAD regarding which I had a few questions.

  1. Is I-94 mandatory for EAD application?
  2. Is it possible to apply for EAD from India, my spouse is already in US so she can help me out?
  3. If I travel to USA by applying for a 2-3 weeks leave and apply for EAD then can I travel back to my country while the EAD application is in pending status?
  4. Can SSN be applied independently of EAD?
  5. Is biometrics appointment for EAD mandatory?
    5a. What is the process to voluntarily go to the nearest ASC for biometrics appointment and will it be allowed?
    5b. If biometrics appointment is scheduled while I am in India, then how much time would I have to travel back to the USA?
    5c. If I am going to miss the biometrics appointment then will I be able to reschedule it or should I just voluntarily appear to nearest ASC?

Please ignore the questions which turn out to be an either or case.
Thanks for your time!

Also, If anyone is interested in knowing my L2 visa experience, my particular case and the questions asked then please let me know. I’ll create a post for the same.