L1extenion approved but H1 reject.is this impact my L1 Stamping

My L1 extension is approved with my company ‘X’ but I filed for my H1 by employer ‘Y’ which got rejected. Now I am traveling to India for my L1 stamping. In my DS160,I have to specify if my visa ever got rejected. Is this going to impact my L1 stamping. And what to tell if the interviewer ask me about this rejection.
Kind of urgent

Petition denial is different from Visa denial. Your H1B petition was denied, but not H1B visa at a US consulate. So, technically, it would be a NO.

In general, it should not impact your current visa stamping. You can always check with your attorney to be safe.

I agree with Kumar’s opinion. The question in DS-160 refers to denials that occur at consulate level and not to petitions. Your answer to the question of ‘have you ever been denied etc etc’ is a ‘no’. Your attorney can be consulted but it is highly unlikely that their knowledge would extend to this particular question.

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