L1B visa while H1B is stamped from different employer


I am working for Company A and i have H1B VISA stamped recently from company B. Now, I am in india still working for company A. I have not yet traveled to USA on H1G. Now company A want to process L1B and want to send US on L1B. Now my questions are

  1. Once i go get my L1B stamped then, will my H1B gets invalidated?
  2. If both can coexists, if i travel on L1B visa then if i want to switch to employer B who sponsored my H1B, on H1B status then is it possible, while i am in USA?
  3. What are the general problems i may face in these situations?

Appreciate your prompt response.

  1. H-1 petition is not impacted, but they may cancel H-1 visa stamp w/o prejudice when approving your L-1.

  2. If H-1 visa stamp is not canceled, then this is possible. You can travel on L-1 and later file COS from L1 to H-1

  3. Nothing out of the usual