L1B visa to L2 visa

Currently, both me and my wife are on L1B visa, and are working in US. I’m planning on going to India to switch to L2 as a dependent on her visa. Can someone please help on the below questions?

  1. I read somewhere that L2 visa might qualify for visa interview waiver? Is this true or should I schedule both biometrics and consulate interviews?
  2. Do I need to schedule an appointment for biometrics in India? Note my L1B visa is still valid.
  3. Is it advisable to go to Chennai consulate for L2 visa or can I get this done at any US consulate?
  4. By when would I have to resign from my present company? Would it have to immediately resign after the passport is received with L2 stamp, or can I resign within a month’s time after entering the US?


  1. Maybe, but not sure. Check with the customer service or write to embassy. The general rule is that you have to have the same visa category. Check USTraveldocs Interview Waiver
  2. If you go through visa stamping, biometrics is pretty much standard process. You can double check with the customer service or when you go through the DS-160 form, it will tell you.
  3. It does not matter. You can go anywhere. They recommend to go to the one that is nearest to you.
  4. If you get L2 stamp, you will enter US on L2. You should resign before you enter. After entering US, you can apply for L2 EAD and then re-join them after you have EAD card.