L1B visa renewal in Mexico

We are on L1B/L2’s. Our visas in passports expired but I94 still valid. We are in USA, can we travel to Mexico and have visa renewed there or must we go back to our home country where passports/visas were done? Thank you

Is there a need to get your visas stamped? You can continue to stay and work on L visas based on unexpired I-94.

Thank you for the reply. We are in USA at the moment with expired L1 visas in passports, we want to travel to Mexico soon but how re-enter into USA with expired visas? We need this to be updated (our L1 status is current but visa exp). Can we have this done at Mexico Consulate? (renew visa/update it)

If you have a need to travel to MX then yes visa stanping is a must. As this is not your first L visa stanping, you can go to US consulate there. Still the consulate has the right to refuse your visa interview request and ask you to appear in home country instead.

Go to consulate website where you plan to attend. See if have defined policies around TCNs (Third Country Nationals)