L1B visa I94 different than wife's L2 I94 date

Hi - I have a valid visa till June 29,2013 ,I have gone with my wife to India while coming back the immigration officer gave my I94 as of June 25 2015 while as my wife got her I94 till my visa expiry date.Please let me know what is the procedure of correcting her I94 date same as mine.My employer is saying that I can’t apply for extension as my I94 is valid till June 2015,when can I apply an extension then?Please reply ASAP

They can submit an application to USCIS for her I-94 extension based on your L-1 I-94. This won’t be L-1 extension, but just I-94 extension (actually a correction as the officer should have issued her I-94 w/ same date as yours).

Thanks Saurabh…does that mean only L2 extension only needs to be applied to correct this?

Yes, only L-2’s I-94 extension.

Thanks Saurabh…one more question.My wife is working on her L2 EAD which is expiring on June 29,2013 as our visa expiry date.If her I94 extends to same date as me which is June 24,2015 can her EAD be renewed till that date if we apply for renew of EAD.
My concern is :Is EAD dependent on I94 date or visa expiry date?

Thanks a lot for your help

It depends upon the I-94. Once her I-94 is extended, you can file for EAD extension as well to June 24, 2015.

Thank you verymuch

As I am not getting max out of 5 years before June 24,2015 so can I apply for an extension before 6 months of that date or I can’t apply for extension at all?This is my last question,thanks for your help Saurabh

L-1 and L-2 holders need to apply for L-1 and L-2 extensions 6 months prior to I-94 expiration date. This is basically I-94 extensions. Once extended, you can file for EAD extension until new I-94 expiration date.