L1B visa holder for part-time courses


I am on L1B visa and would like to join film-making or sculpture creating evening courses in nearby areas.

  1. I would like to know if I can start studies on L1B visa? Most of the colleges I called were either unaware about it or upfront stopped me from applying.

I would like to give them some reference of official document to prove that I can do part-time courses.

  1. Also, since I have completed 1 year in US, can I get to study as local student without having to pay international student’s fees?

  2. What happens once some1 completes arts related courses in US? Do they get places? On which visa type? Internship are available? I am completely unaware of this information, please help.


  1. Yes, you can. If they allow international students and have International student adviser or Designated School Official ( DSO) in place, you should talk to them. Read this article I wrote sometime ago . Study in US on L1 or H1B visa

    You may be elgible for in-state tution as well. For instance, check here at UC Berkely, it clearly has L in their list . You can look at other reputed schools and show the same to school officials. Typically DSO would know this info.

    1. Yes, you may be. Just need to check the state requirements for in-state at school.

    2. Well, you need to look for jobs. You will need to get H1B Visa, but not sure if your arts degree would be eligible, unless your bachelors is in Technology. You need to talk to International student advisor at the school for more info.