L1B visa extension/New application

Hi Saurabh,

I am in L1b visa in USA and it got expired on 28th June but since i am having I-94 till Nov 2014 i am still staying in USA.

We have filed the L1B extension and first time we got RFE and now we responded to that and we are waiting for the final response from USCIS.

Now i have below three quesion…

  1. Can USCIS again send for RFE??Does they can send max RFE once or they may send even3-4 times?

  2. If the L1B extension got rejected then can i again apply for fresh L1B extension or do i need to apply for a new L1B visa?

  3. Can i apply GC based on I-94.

Thanks in advanc for reply.

Hi Saurabh,

Please answer my question…