L1B-Visa extension - I-94 extension

Below are the L1B and L2 visa and I-94 expiry dates of my spouse, daughter and me.

1.Can my husband stay here till Dec 29 2012 as he has valid VISA and not valid I-94??

  1. Can we get my parents to US with just my I-94 or a valid visa is necessary?

Spouse - L1B -Dec 29 2012 - I -94 -Sep 29- 2012(Passport expiry date, has renewed passport now and applying for I-94 extension )

Daughter - L2- Dec 29 2012 - I -94- Dec 29 -2014

Mine - L2- Dec 29 2012 - I -94- Dec 29 -2014


Your Husband can stay till I -94 end date…He cannot stay till the visa end date. He need to extend the I 94 to stay beyond Sep 29 2012.

For your second question you can bring them until you have a Vaild I 94 with you( your husband’s I 94 ).

Thanks Vivek