L1b visa extension and H1b denied after RFE


Appreciate the help. Thanks in advance
My background is:

I have 7.5 yrs of IT experience, worked in MNC Company. I had worked in USA for 2.5 yrs on L1b - Blanket Visa through same MNC Company for AAA Client. In MAY 2013, i had applied for L1b visa extension for the same client (AAA) and went back to India due to personal reasons. I got RFE and L1b extension got rejected in AUG 2013. I had applied H4 and came to US in SEP 2013.

I have applied H1b (H4 to H1b) through a consultancy in APR 2014 for the same client where i worked earlier in US (AAA). I have received RFE to submit client letter, employment verification and we replied. My consultancy called me on last Friday (10/31/2014) and told that my h1b visa is denied with the reason that USCIS had a call with client (i didn’t receive any status change in USCIS site and didn’t receive any denial notice yet).
My questions are:

  1. Can i apply for H1b again? If so, any suggestions to be taken care as i have two denials continuously

  2. How will these denials impact future visa petitions?

  3. Will there be any impact to my spouse H1b visa extensions and GC processing

Please help on this - urgent