L1B Visa Expired.. i94 expiring soon.. Vacation plans - Best options ?

Greetings !

Here’s my situation : My L1B Visa has expired as of Nov 2011. I was given i94 until Dec 2013. My questions are :

  1. I may have to go back to India around Sept / Oct 2013 for a vacation. In this case, what is the process to apply the extension ? Do I have to consider the possiblity of denial and settle things here before I go back to India ?

  2. In the case that I may not have to go back to India before i94 expiry; should I apply for extension from here ? Does that mean that I’ll get approval / denial and go back to India just for Stamping (viz safer that I don’t have to sell my stuff ?)

  3. Suppose I get the approvals on extension say by Oct; can my Wife (L2 dependent) travel back to India, go for Stamping and come back by Nov ?

Sincere thanks for your advice.

  1. You will have to appear for L-1 visa stamping. Stamping can always run into issues so have contingency plans

  2. Yes, extension can be filed before I-94 expiration date. If approved, you can continue to stay and work in US. If denied, you will have to leave US

  3. Yes, she can appear for L-2 stamping and then return to US. In general dependent visa stamping is easier than primary applicant’s. However, it may stll run into issues.