L1B visa, cooling off period and I-140

Hi, I am currently in the USA on an L1B visa. There is another year left for the visa for the 5 year cap and my visa extension is in progress.
However, I also have an I-140.
I am aware that after 5 years, there is a cool-off period of 1 year where I need to stay out of the USA. Does this apply even if I have an I-140 or can I keep extending my stay beyond the limit of 5 years, assuming that my client needs me here? Can anyone please clarify?

You may apply for AC21 extension beyond 6 years of H1B term based on the approved I-140, no cool off period as you have approved I-140.

Thanks for the response. I am on an L1b, not an H1B. I guess then, the cool off period is applicable to me, I-140 or not I think.

Irrespective of your current status, I dont think I-140 beneficiary need cool off for AC21 extensions.
Consult a lawyer and double check.