L1B to O1 Change of Status, Maintain Status?


I’m currently in L1B visa and it expires on June 2020 (5 Yrs Max out).My company is planning to apply for O1 by mid of April.Based on the current situation (Premium processing suspended) it may take 2-3 months to get the results.
-Can i stay in US until my O1 petition results or do i need to leave before June 2020.
-If O1 petition is approved before my L1b visa expiry date,do i need to leave US to update my O1 visa stamped or
can i update my visa stamped later this year by applying COS to update my position and continue to work in US.


The rule is that you need to maintain your status until you get the results of your O1. If your L1 expires before you get O1, then you will not be in status as it is a Change of status. You can apply as Consular processing and get stamping and re-enter.
These can get tricky with delays and timings, so talk to your attorney and then take decision.