L1B to L2 without exiting USA

Hi I am in L1A and working in US for company A. My wife is in L1B working in US for company B. My son is with my wife, he L2 is dependant of my wife. Now, I want my to resign and stay with me without exiting USA. 1. If I apply L1B to L2 conversion for my wife, when she should stop working? As soon as I received the COS receipt or once it is approved? 2. Is it possible and legal to resign the L1B Job and to stay in USA after I received receipt notice of COS? 3. How to apply L1B to L2 + EAD concurrently? 4. How to change my Son as my dependant?

  1. She can stop working soon after the COS is applied. However, the downside is that in case COS is denied, she would be considered out of status (as most likely L-1 employer would have let her go). If possible, she should continue to work until COS is approved.

  2. See (1)

  3. I don’t think EAD and COS can be applied concurrently. I know it is possible for H-4 EAD, but I am not sure about L-2 EAD.

  4. The child also needs to have COS applied to move as your dependent.