L1B to L1A possibilities

I am on L1B and my visa, i94 expires on 11-Aug-2016. I am an Indian Citizen working for a top IT services company thats US based. This is my 3rd year in L1B.

I had applied for H1b through my employer this year and applied for L1B extenstion as well. Unfortunately, my H1b case is not picked in the lottery and L1B extenstion is also denied after RFE on 9-Jun-2016. I think L1A is the only possibility now. Questions as below,

  1. First of all, is it possible to apply for L1A after L1B ext. denial?

  2. Does it make sense to apply for L1A after the denial and what are the chances of approval? I know this approval question cannot be answered but past experience might help.

  3. If i can apply for L1A and do i need to go out of US and come back or i can go for stamping whenever i visit India?

  1. You can provided you qualify for it

  2. You don’t have any other work visa options. So L-1A is the last hope

  3. If L-1A is approved w/ I-94 attached, then no need to get visa stamped immediately. It can be delayed until next trip outside US.

Thanks Saurabh for the information.