L1B to L1-A , L2 dependent EAD renewal and L2 change of status to H1B

I’m current working in L2 EAD which is valid till June, 2013 and my husband is on L1B with L1 Visa Expired and I94 Valid till June 2013.

Now my spouse employer is processing L1- B conversion to L1-A (non premimum) along with mine as dependent by end of this month

My question is When can i apply for my EAD renewal ? Do i need to wait for the L1-A conversion petition status to renew my EAD or i can continue without EAD renewal when the L1A petiton is approved.

Also im looking for the other option of change of status from L2 to H1 Conversion. When L1A petition status is unkown and during this time if i submit my H1B Application , will that affect my H1 in any way as i have I94 valid till June, 2013 only?

Can i do both simultaneosly ? ( apply for ead renewal and L2 to H1B )


You will need extended I-94 (yours’ and spouse’s) for EAD extension. So L-1A needs to get approved first (which will come w/ extended I-94) and then you can apply for EAD extension. Make sure the employer files for L-2 extension along w/ your spouse’s L-1A application.

You can have L-2 extension and H-1 petition filed in parallel. As your current I-94 is expiring in June, your H-1 COS approval will get tied to L-2 extension. In other words, USCIS can issue RFE asking for proof of L-2 extension which will cover the period from June to H-1 start date. Lastly, there is the last action rule, which means the application which is approved later will determine your eventual status.