L1B-to-H4-L1A.How many years of extension am I eligible

Hello -

Appreciate if you could answer this questions related extension eligibility.

1.I came to US in Sep2007 on L1B with Company A

  1. COS to H4 in May 2010.Went on Leave Without Pay with company A.

  2. Stayed in US till Feb2011 on H4 and then travelled to Native country to join the company A.

  3. Started working in Native country with Company A. Was sent back to US in July2011 on L1A.

5.I on L1A right now and due for extension in June2014.

Pls let me know

-how many years of extension can my company file?

  • If I need to apply for H1 will I have to go outside the country for one year or I can stay on H4 for 1 Year and then apply for H1?