L1B to H1B (with COS). L1B Expiring before H1B starts


My L1B I-94 is going to expire by 03-SEPT-2012(I94), Meanwhile I got my H1B effective from 01-OCT-2012 with COS. I have applied L1B extension and got RFE. Is it legal to stay in US from 04-SEPT-2012 to 30-SEPT-2012 with RFE, Please suggest an good idea to extend my stay in that period. Thanks

I have enough max off off date till March 2015 with H1B. My employer is same from the start. Please Help.

I am also in the same state, you are better than me. when I checked on various fourms ppl told to go ahead with H1B . while L1B case is pending your status is valid.