L1B to H1B with cos ,but want to work in l1 is a issue?


I have valid L1B with I94 (both are valid till 21st jan2013) with company A and I worked till Jan 19th 2013.

With company B ,I filed H1B with cos ,on oct 2nd 2012 I got RFE,finally it got approval On Dec 21st 2012 with I94 valid till sept 30 2015 . But company B did not inform me about that ,as they did not get proper job for me.

So what is my current status now? still I did not get any job till 1 st Feb 2013.

is this a problem ?

What I have to do to correct it ?

is there any future impact?

Please guide asap

your status changes to H1 based on the H1 start date mentioned on I797. Are you still in US working with employer A or have you joined B? You are not allowed to work for L1 employer after the start date mentioned in H1 approval. 1-2 weeks after the start date is usually considered but still should not be done. Do you have paystub for January from B ?