L1b to H1b.. Travel to INDIA and enter in to US on L1B

Dear Saurabh,

I have been follwing this site from past 1.5 year and this is really helping people like me. thanks for maintaining this.

Here is my questions: Can you please help me on this?


First Entry to USA: Aug 13 2011 on L1b Visa (I94 Expiry Date: so and so) from company ABC.

Company XYZ applied H1b with change of status on April 2nd 2013 and it is approved on April 22 2013 and received petition with I94 which is valid from Oct 1st 2013.


Before Oct 1st 2013 I went to India on 17th Aug 2013 and returned on Sept 4th 2013 on my L1b visa from company ABC and received the L1b I94 with expiry date: so and so.


I resigned from Company ABC on Oct3rd 2013, Started working for company XYZ on H1b from Oct 4th.


Here is my question:

As per my employer i don't need to do anything start working with old I94 issued for H1b approval. after reentry with l1b on New I94.

I am not convinced with do i need to any change of status  or H1b amendment because after leaving the country my I94 will become invalid currently what i am using on my H1b.


As i didn’t recieve any reply on the site, i contacted a immigration Lawyer and they said there is no need to apply for any ammendment in my Case. I am posting the answer because, it might help to some one else.