L1B to H1B transfer

I am on L1B Visa expiring in Jul’ 2021.
One company applying for H1B this year.


  1. This H1B Visa will be counselor or Change of Status?
  2. In case H1B didn’t get approved, will my L1B stayed valid?
  3. In case H1B get approved, Can I continue with my recent company if I want to (or H1B project having some issues) or I have to go with new company anyhow and my L1B get terminated?
  4. To change a company in H1B we need to file amendment. What %age are they get approved?
  5. After H1B approval can we withdraw it in case I want to continue on my L1B or it already has been terminated as soon as H1B approved?
  6. What do you suggest in my case as there is one more chance to file H1B next year but may be I will have to go for interview in India.

Thanks in advance as it seems to be tricky case where I want to go with least risk.