L1B TO H1B Transfer using approved I-129 scan copy.

I came to US on Oct 1st 2012 with company A on L1B which is going to exipire in Nov 2015. But now there is a fear of lay off. I also have H1B approved with company B in 2012 when I was in India. ( i don’t have original I-129 but I have only scanned copy).

Can I use this I-129 and try a job in another company? Any Legal implecations?



If the petition for H1b was approved in 2012 you should be eligible to start working from Oct 2012. I do not see any problem with transfering Visa to another employer with COS. scanned copy is good enough.

You have I-129 but not 797? You need to know at least the 797 receipt number or have the copy of the approval notice for this.