L1B to H1B COS - want to continue with L1B

Hi All, I would seek your guidance for my below situation.

I have L1B petition/visa with Employer A valid until Oct, 2015. This year Employer B has filed H1B petition for me in this year's quota and is approved in Jun, 2013. Though Employer B's H1B is effective, I am still working with Employer A  (L1B). 


Now, my L1B employer has offered good package and I would like to continue with them. What are the options I am looking at?


	Can I travel out of country (Mexico, Canada or India) and come back with L1B petition? Would I have any risk with this? 

	My H1B employer has filed for H4 for my dependents. Not sure whether he has done with COS or without COS. Can I travel alone out of country by leaving my family in US and then extend their L2 I94 when I change status back to L1B? or should they also travel with me?

	In future, if L1B employer files GC, will this two months of "Invalid status" become a problem?

Please please help me with answers to these questions.