L1b to H1b (Consular processing)

Hi experts,

I am currently on L1B working for company X since last 2 years.

Company Y applied for H1b this year and got a i797 approval notice with consular processing (since i travelled out of US while H1b is in process due to medical emergency).

I have below questions

  1. I am planning to visit india for visa stamping. Can i resign from L1b employer after reentering US on h1b and serving 2 weeks of notice?

  2. Is there any grace period to serve notice on Company X after reentering US on h1b?

  3. Company X(L1b employer) is processing Green card for me, Can i transfer my H1b to my L1b employer after reentering the US with H1b visa stamping? should i resign from L1b employer during this transfer?

  4. Should i have to work for company Y for minimum days to transfer my Visa to L1b Employer?

Thank you

No, because when you enter using H1B visa, you will be on H1B status and can’t join/work for your L1 employer anymore.

There is no such thing.

You can’t join your L1 employer if you enter on H1B status.
If your intention is to transfer H1B to your L1 employer, they can file a new cap-exempt petition with change of status from L1 to H1B while you are working with them on L1 in the US. Chances are USCIS may approve the transfer even if your H1B visa is not stamped. No harm in trying.

OR, after H1B stamping, if your L1 visa is still valid, enter on L1 status and then have your L1 employer apply for H1B transfer with change of status.

Another option is to join the H1B employer after entering on H1B status and then after one ot two paystubs are generated, have your L1 employer transfer the H1B.

Answered above.