L1B to H1B Change of Status Timeline (premium processing)


I am currenlty in L1B with employer A and Employer B is ready to file H1B this year.

However my stay in US is planned until 30-Jun-13 (L1 is valid until Mar-16). Do you think my H1B can get approved by that time even if I opt for premiun processing. What is the timeline for premium processing?

If it gets approved by that time, what is the next procedure I will have to follow?

Your guidance will be of great help in this regard.


If Picked in Lottery and Lottery results out by April End, there is chance that U get H1B approved in Premium Processing, Provided U dont run into RFE… Premium Processing has an SLA of 15 Calender Days (Includes Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays)…

Get H1 filed with COS… However U can start working from Oct 1st on H1…

Meanwhile if U leave US after or before approval, U must go for stamping

Do you mean to say that your employer wants you to return to home country by Jun 30, 2014?

thanks for your reply.
Yes, my current project with employer A is finishing at the end of June-14 and I will be going back to my home country. Although the project might get extended by another 2 weeks but I am not counting on that.
I believe if the result is not out before I leave US, only COS will be abandoned but H1 might get approved and I can follow the consular processing further. Please confirm.

thanks RaNa for your reply.

Yes, that’s correct understanding. COS will be abandoned once you leave in June and you can return after getting the visa stamped.