L1B to H1B change of status questions and concerns

Hi ,

I am on a L1B visa working for employer A , I had like to change the status to H1B to continue working in US.

  • What are all the options I have now ?

  • Will a new employer oblige with the COS as and when we clear the interviews with that employer ?

  • How tough / easy is it to negotiate the COS procedure with the employers ?

  • What are all the prospects that i would be able to get a H1B within a few weeks ?

  • If I apply a new H1B how long does it take to get in here again.

Please do reply me . Awaiting your response.

  1. You need to find an employer who is willing to do the COS for you in coming April

  2. If there is a requirement and if you clear the interview then they will get your COS done

  3. There is nothing to negotiate either they will be getting your COS done or they will let you know upfront. You need to find another sponser in that case

  4. If it is filled under premium processing then you should get the decision within 15 calender days

  5. If you have a valid I94 till Oct 1st then you can continue working for your current employer and on Oct 1st(or the H1 start date mentioned in I797) your status will change to H1 and you need to join your new employer. If you are out of US or you travel out of US after the COS is approved, you need to get the visa stamped before entering on or after Oct 1st. If you are out of US before even applying for H1 then it won’t be COS and would be treated like a separate new application and you would need to follow the same steps which were followed during L1 to get back in.