L1B to H1B - chainging counselor to COS after petition acceptance

I have L1 VISA with company A.

I have applied for H1B VISA with company B.  It's still under process. I have filed as consular processing and not COS. I might need to travel to US in next few days (while my H1B is still under process) on L1 VISA with Company A.

I have following concerns:

	Can I travel to US on L1 when my H1B is under process or petetition is approved before I travel?

	Can I resign in US on L1 VISA? (My company India's policy states that I cant resign on L1). Will that India policy valid in US? Can my company refuse my resignation or refuse giving me experience letter?

	Can I choose to continue with L1 employer even after my H1B petetion is approved? What's the time limit for me to convert to H1 status (to use my approved H1B petetion)

	Can I amend my H1B application (once petetion is approved) to be COS instead of consular processing?