L1B to H1, H1 got RFE, Is L1 extn valid even if my H1 is rejected?

Hi Saurabh,

I am in so much of tension, please clarify my doubts

I came here through company A in L1

Now company B applied H1 and got RFE last week, they are going to reply for RFE and wait for result.

Meanwhile my company A wants to process L1 extn in another 2 months.

My greatest concern is, if my H1 gets rejected after RFE reply, is there any cooling period to wait for applying L1 extn ? Or are those seperate process? Also I am worried about the question in visa form which asks “Have you ever been denied a visa to US?”. Since Company A does not know that am doing this, I cannot say “yes” to that question also. Is that a problem then? Please clarify my doubts.

Your L-1 extension can be applied irrespective of what happens to your H-1 petition. There is no cooling period.

The answer to that question is Yes only if you go to the consulate for H-1 visa stamping and it gets denied. If the H-1 petition is denied in your case, the answer would continue to be no.