L1B to H1: 2 companies processing H1

Hello Saurabh, I am on L1B and missed the H1B boat last year by 1 lousy day! So here is my situation: I am on L1B visa valid till mid Septemeber 2013 from Company A . My I-94 is valid till 2016. My wife is working on EAD(L2 dependent) . Company B is ready to hire me and they are filing my H1B and H4 for my wife. Last week, Company A decided to file for my H1B as well. So they are in process of preparing application for my H1B and my wife’s H4. Meanwhile, my wife is getting her H1B filed from Company C. Questions:

  1. Is it ok if 2 companies file for my H1B? Or should I ask one company to stop the application process?

  2. My wife’s H4 is being filed by 2 companies and H1B by 1 company. Is that ok?

  3. What happens in Mid September 2013 when my L1B expires? My I94 is valid for 3 more years. Should I ask my company to file for L1 extension as well? Should I leave the country before my visa expires?

  4. What happens on 1st October if I get H1b approved from both comapany A and B? Do I get to choose which company’s H1B I want to use? (I am ssuming I can choose)

Would appreciate a quick response because if I need to stop one of the companies from filing H1, I’ll have to tell them by tomorrow.

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  1. Its OK for 2 companies to file H1

  2. If two companies are filing two H1’s how come you said only 1 is filing but 2 H4?

  3. If your I-94 is valid beyond Oct, you can stay here and you will be automatically pushed to H1 with a COS from Oct 1, 2013

  4. You can choose which H1 to use from Oct 1.

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