L1B RFE Help Needed For Sending a Response

I have recieved an RFE on my L1B extension which asks me the following:

  1. Please explain how this training differs from the standard training received by all new associates. How many other xxx company’s employees have similar training and experience? If any certificates or other evidence showing unusual or particularly extensive training are available, those would be helpful as well.

  2. Explain how the associate’s onsite duties are different from those of other xxx company employees working on this project and/or other xxx company employees working in similar positions on other projects. Explain exactly what it is about the Beneficiary’s onsite duties that require her unique knowledge.

3.Identify the total amount of time that would be required to train a new xxx comapany employee to perform all the duties of this associate’s onsite position, including training and on-the-job experience.

Please advice what according to you is USCIS looking for in the answers.


In my view, USCIS is trying to understand more about your L1B case. We cannot assume anything, it depends on how your case was originally filed.

You should work with your attorney and send them reply accordingly.

  1. Every statement in the petition should be backed by an evidence .

  2. All of these statement should be focused to one goal on explaining about your specilized skills which are extra ordinary. you should be able to prove that they are specilized skills not jsut available in the market.

  3. Supporting documents shall be Training which are endorsed, Supervisor endorsement, Customer Endorsement letters,